Photo: Erika Schultz

Verónica G. Cárdenas is a documentary photographer based in the southernmost region in Texas known as the Rio Grande Valley. Migration issues are a recurring theme that she explores. Her work has been shown at the United Nations, Center for Photography at Woodstock, Long Island City Arts in New York City, the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley-UTRGV, San Benito Museum, Weslaco Museum, Festival of International Books and Arts, FESTIBA, South Texas College, and Festival Internacional de Poesía Latinoamericana, FEIPOL among others. Cárdenas is an International Women’s Media Foundation Fellow and an Eddie Adams XXXI alumni.



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The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley FESTIBA, 2016, Texas

FEIPOL – Traveling Soles, 2016, Texas

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley – Traveling Soles, 2017, Texas

LIC Arts (Long Island City), 2017, New York

United Nations, 2017, New York

FEIPOL – Viacrucis, 2017, Texas

Brownsville Museum Of Fine Art – Border Fence, 2017, Texas

Weslaco Museum, 2018, Texas

San Benito Museum, 2018, Texas