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These are photography posts

Veronica G. Cardenas

Traveling Soles

 Help me take these soles to Washington, D.C. by donating here 250 soles in front of the Humanitarian Respite Center at Sacred Heart Church in McAllen, TX Traveling Soles – The title, phonetically is a play on words, which could…

Veronica G. Cardenas

A Trump

Fear and uncertainty, the most prominent feelings that undocumented immigrants are filled with after Donald J. Trump was elected as president of the United States, making him the most powerful man on Earth. The unprecedented President’s bold promises regarding immigration…

Veronica G. Cardenas


Ixtepec, Oaxaca, México 11:15 PM I passed through the railroad tracks where la bestia, the Beast, passes through. This is the cargo train that undocumented immigrants take in the southern states of México in order to travel to the northern…


A Day of the Dead Celebration

There are countless of Día de Muertos, Day of the Dead, celebrations in Oaxaca, México days prior to the actual day which is on November 2nd. I had planned on meeting with some friends in San Agustín Etla, which is about…

Impromptu Self-Photo shoot

The citizens of fill-in the blank demand “PIZZA!”           The purpose of this post is to hopefully share my experience with some of you that feel challenged because you find it hard to find subjects to…